Interview with a Poster Child Personal Trainer: Miguel Almajanu

His quiet character might not be heard in volume, but his devotion and knowledge about sports at The Crunch radiates like the sun on the gym floor. For personal trainer Miguel Almajanu, sports is not just his work, it’s his life and passion. He grew up the middle-sized town of Baia Mare in northwestern Romania, when he started judo at the age of 10, then he started playing soccer at age 14 and fitness at age 16. When he was 20 years old, Miguel moved to the Netherlands where he studied fitness Haarlem and started teaching Les Mills classes. “I taught everything you can imagine”, he laughs. “You name it, “RPM (indoor cycling), Body Pump, Body Balance, Body Attack….”. He adds, “nowadays at The Crunch I teach Freestyle classes on Friday mornings”.

The Crunch

In the world of gym classes, Miguel has taught the whole gamut. “I was teaching 25 hours a week until four years ago. He adds, “it was really taxing on my body and I needed to stop because it was physically too much”.

Miguel Personal Training

In 2001 Miguel decided to become a personal trainer and was working at Splash where he met Nicole. Four years ago, Nicole asked me to come work as a personal trainer at The Crunch. Today I would not think of leaving. “It is one of the best gyms in Amsterdam and the atmosphere is really friendly. “You don’t have that everywhere”, he smiles.


Now as a personal trainer, Miguel enjoys working more with individuals because he can “give his full attention to one person and enjoy watching them blossom”. That is aspect that he learned from the personal training program at the National Academy for Sport Medicine (NASM), which is a certified training program for personal trainers worldwide. Since becoming a personal trainer Miguel has never stopped developing himself. “I continuously need to educate myself and that is why I take new courses every year to improve my techniques and learn new methods”.


With his patience and good-hearted personality, Miguel does not come across as your average personal trainer. Most people expect a personal trainer to be nothing short of an army drill sergeant, who will order 20 push-ups on the spot. According to Miguel, “that style doesn’t work for me”. He rather focus on each client as an individual, and tailor-make a training designed for that person and their lifestyle”. He adds, “and patience is part of that recipe, after all, I only guide them, the client has to do the real work”.

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